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Create, See and Enjoy a new Cornwall National Park

A new Cornwall National Park could become a national treasure rather like existing National Parks.


The site proposed for the Cornwall National Park is already there it just needs to be turned into a National Park. People all over the world have heard of the famous Cornish Coastal Path and we aim to turn it into a National Park.

Tourist Hot spot

There are numerous attractions in Cornwall including its beaches and scenic rugged coast. The coastal path goes right the way round cornwall along the cliff tops and across its many stunning beaches. The Cornish coastal path is famous worldwide. We want to preserve this heritage and make it a new National Park for future generations of locals and tourists to enjoy and to ensure its beauty and continuation of the thriving tourist industry economy.

National Park status eligability

In order to be eligible for National Park Status, the parts of Cornwall being suggested
must meet the following criteria:

  • That the area is of outstanding national importance because of its natural heritage
    or the combination of its natural and cultural heritage.

  • That the area has a distinctive character and a coherent identity.

  • That designating the area as a National Park would meet the special needs of the
    area and would be the best means of ensuring that the National Park aims are
    collectively achieved in relation to the area in a coordinated way.

Additional Factors for National Park Status

There are additional factors that may contribute to the debate on a proposed plan for designation of
a National Park are as follows:

  • One council authority for Cornwall, greatly reduces the problems associated with coordinating
    many councils as has occurred in designating the South Downs and other National Parks.

  • Low population and low levels of infrastructure.

  • A thriving tourism business which will be enhanced by the designation.

  • Exceptional beauty of the environment that attracts tourist.

  • The AONB team have done a great deal of work that prepares the groundwork for a national park

  • There would be a huge financial, administrative and political benefit in designating the AONBs as
    a National Park and the AONB staff would constitute a proportion of the Park’s Board and also
    of the staff running the Park

AONB Vision Demonstrates the Way in Which Cornwall Meets the Criteria for a National Park

In 1949 by Standing Committee for National Parks made a recommendation for parts of the
Cornish Coast to be a National Park. In examining if parts of Cornwall can meet these criteria, the
following vision outlined by the AONB team in The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Management Plan 2010-2016, demonstrates that these criteria are already inherent in the
characteristics of Cornwall and its people.

The aim of a National Park would be to further exemplify the unique character and physical
qualities for which Cornwall is famous:

  • Its largely undeveloped coastline, wild uplands, tranquil estuaries and intimate valleys
    conveying a powerful sense of the natural forces that shape the land

  • Its intricate pattern of fields, settlements and industrial relics, testament to the historic
    influence of human activity upon the landscape

  • The diversity of natural and semi-natural habitat

  • A strong sense of Cornish identity "An internationally important landscape, valued for
    embodying the special character of Cornwall underpinning the local economy and everyone’s
    quality of life. It is nurtured by effective partnership, of sufficient resources and only
    sustainable development."

The Cornwall AONB (and Cornwall in general) is a rural working environment with agriculture
the dominant land use but tourism the dominant driver of the local economy. Fishing and the
marine industries contribute to the character of the coastal settlements and the landscape is the
inspiration for many of the creative industries. Diverse, mainly small, business enterprises also
thrive. All these businesses require support and the presence of local services essential to the
effective running of the local economy. The tourism strategy in Cornwall is focused on providing a
convenient, high quality, year round, domestic and international destination firmly rooted in the
natural, historic and cultural distinctiveness of the county. The landscape is recognised as an
underpinning feature of the tourism industry.




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