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22nd October 2012 - First of a series of Workshops on Cornwall Sustainability Forum - Prosperity for Cornwall.

The first workshop is at the Eden Project and will discuss the establishment of a Cornwall Sustainability Forum that, over the course of one to two years, will develop a framework for prosperity for Cornwall with recommendations for guiding principles and specific strategies for the economy, society and the environment. The idea for the meeting is emerging from a need to develop a consensus on how ‘sustainability’, a term now widely used but with many interpretations, can be achieved.

The initial suggested agenda for the 5 workshops seeks to cover: (1) Common Ground, (2) Visioning, (3 and 4) The Alternatives and (5) Land Use and Management which will include a discussion on the designation of a National Park for Cornwall as one strategy for the development of further sustainable economic prosperity.

17th October 2012 - The website for the campaign for a National Park in Cornwall is launched.

Cornwall National Park Study Group

This area is for the study group. Documents can be put on this page for the study group to distribute information to  interested parties.
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